Viral Sensation Hoyt Tidwell Inspires Millions with Chicken and Dumplings

Hoyt Tidwell's all-new cookbook, "Hoyt’s Kitchen, Volume 2: Favorite Recipes from Hoyt, Family & Friends," is available now. The highly-anticipated new cookbook is a follow up to 2018's "Hoyt’s Kitchen: Favorite Recipes from Hoyt and Family."

In late 2017, Suzy Tidwell filmed her husband, Hoyt, making his chicken and dumplings in his trademark overalls and posted it on Facebook. There were no expectations for the 28-minute video, which quickly went viral. To date, 71 year-old Hoyt Tidwell’s chicken and dumplings video has been viewed over 5 Million times on Facebook alone.

Hoyt and Suzy started posting additional recipe videos, and before long, an unlikely celebrity was born. From their home kitchen south of Nashville, Tennessee, Hoyt and Suzy now post a weekly video offering viewers some country cookin’ and a dose of inspiration.

Hoyt’s videos have developed an international fanbase, with over 20 Million views to date. The videos typically feature Suzy behind the camera, admonishing Hoyt if he doesn't wash his hands, and instructing him to get a bigger bowl because he just can’t seem to make small batches of anything. Much like his old-fashioned southern recipes, Hoyt’s videos themselves are comfort food, reminding us of a simpler time and the magic that can be found around the family dinner table. 

It all started with chicken and dumplings. More than 15 years ago, Hoyt wanted to learn how to cook authentic chicken and dumplings. His uncle's girlfriend showed him how she prepared her dish, and from there Hoyt began to make small changes, using a pizza cutter to cut the dumplings, instead of a knife, to save time. When he was convinced he had perfected his recipe, Hoyt delivered a pan to a quilting meeting at the local Methodist Church, and it was a hit.

Word quickly spread in the area, and before long, Hoyt was carrying pans of his chicken and dumplings to potlucks, funerals and other regional events. But nothing could have prepared them for the online fanbase to come, and the successful cookbook, Hoyt’s Kitchen: Favorite Recipes from Hoyt and Family (The Cookbook Specialists), which was released in May 2018.

Following the success of the first book comes an all-new collection of Hoyt’s Kitchen recipes… Hoyt’s Kitchen, Volume 2: Favorite Recipes from Hoyt, Family & Friends. Both books are available now at, where fans can also order Hoyt’s Kitchen biscuit cutters, rolling pins, spatulas, tea towels, aprons, t-shirts and hats.

Hoyt and Suzy met in 1968, and the chemistry was instantaneous. He quickly discovered that he was going to have to be the cook in the relationship. Despite that, the happy couple recently celebrated their 50th anniversary. And it’s worth nothing that they once “won big” on the Newlywed Game

If you ask the happy couple about their long term goals, they are quick to point out that Hoyt’s Kitchen isn’t about cookbooks or view counts… but about bringing people together. "The whole purpose now is to just bring families back together,” says Suzy. "To bring families back to the table. No cellphones, no texting, just sit there, pray, have family time, talk. You know, that's what we do.”

Connect with Hoyt online:

Facebook: HoytsKitchen
YouTube: Hoyt’s Kitchen

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