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The ACLJ is Representing Colorado Republican Committee in Move to Intervene Against Lawsuit Seeking to Bar President Trump from Ballot

The American Center for Law & Justice (ACLJ) is now representing the Colorado Republican Committee and intervening against a lawsuit seeking to bar President Donald J. Trump from the ballot and preventing Americans from voting for the candidate of their choice in that state.

“The brazen attempt to keep America’s voters from having the opportunity to vote for former President Donald Trump if they so choose has reached new levels,” says ACLJ Chief Counsel Jay Sekulow. “This time, the tactic is to misappropriate the 14th Amendment. As we have talked about already, the Left is desperate to keep Donald Trump off the ballot in various key states by arguing that an obscure provision of the 14th Amendment disqualifies Donald Trump from even running for office. It has now progressed past mere scholarly debate, interviews, and articles and has reached the courts. The ACLJ has now entered the fray to defend the Constitution, the fundamental right to vote, and the integrity of our elections.”

Six Colorado voters filed a lawsuit, represented by the organization Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), against Donald Trump and against the Colorado Secretary of State, Jena Griswold, claiming that President Trump is disqualified from office. The Colorado Secretary of State called President Trump “a liar with no respect for the Constitution” and has indicated her agreement with the plaintiffs’ reading of the 14th Amendment’s disqualification clause in this case.

A blog posted today at states that CREW and these six voters named two parties to their lawsuit: Donald Trump himself and the Colorado Secretary of State. But they missed an organization just as critical to this lawsuit: the Colorado Republican Committee. This is where the ACLJ comes in. It is the state party, not the Colorado Secretary of State, that decides who the Republican nominees are going to be in the presidential election. CREW is trying to circumvent the Republican Party and deny it the chance to defend its own ability to choose its candidates for President. The Secretary of State’s only job is to provide the voters with the names of the people selected by the political process. It is the Republican Party that is actually supposed to select their nominee to present to the voters. This lawsuit would take away its ability to make that selection and prevent the citizens of Colorado from voting for the candidate of their choice.

The ACLJ has just filed a motion to intervene in the lawsuit on the Republican Committee’s behalf. By filing that motion, the Colorado Republican Committee is seeking to join in this lawsuit and help defend the Constitution and the rule of law from these creative and novel attacks that would deny voters the opportunity to choose the candidates of their choice.

“This case presents one of the biggest constitutional crises of modern history, says Jordan Sekulow, ACLJ’s Executive Director. “We are prepared to fight on behalf of the Colorado Republican Party all the way to the United States Supreme Court if necessary. The Constitution, our system of democratic elections in our constitutional republic, the right of a party to designate its candidates of choice for its members – and ultimately the voters’ right to choose who they vote for, and due process, are all under assault.”

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