Sir White House Chef To Release New Book Chronicling His 32-Year Career Serving 5 U.S. Presidents

For more than three decades, Sir Ronnie Seaton served as Master Executive Chef of the White House in Washington, D.C. In his new autobiography Sir White House Chef (Heritage Builders Publishing, ISBN# 978-1-941437-93-3, $24.95, November 2015), Sir Ronnie shares his favorite experiences serving five U.S. Presidents - from Reagan to Obama.


His anecdotes are humorous, surreal and sometimes tragic. This is not a typical White House Chef cookbook. Readers will learn of the love and respect he had for the Presidents and their wives even though at times it was not reciprocated. Sir Ronnie explains in detail how much influence and power food has over important meetings from Heads of State around the world, and the United States is number one for serving top shelf dinners while our leaders are negotiating agreements that change our lives. The White House Chef also spins yarns about the world leaders who graced the White House tables. He describes the stress and triumphs of satisfying the tastes of the most powerful people in the world. The book also contains recipes of the Presidents’ favorite dinners.


Sir Ronnie is one of only two chefs ever knighted by Queen Elizabeth, and the only American chef to receive this honor. The story of the Queen making Master Chef Ronnie Seaton a Knight is worth the price of this book.


Master Chef Sir Ronnie Seaton Sr. served for 34 years as White House Chef. During his tenure running the White House kitchen, he served five U.S. Presidents, starting with Reagan, then Bush, Clinton, and Bush (W), before recently retiring under the administration of President Obama. Master Chef Seaton is a United States Army Veteran, having served in Vietnam, where he served time as a P.O.W. After eight years of military service, he attended the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY. During his internship with the New Orleans Convention Center, he was selected to prepare a meal for President Ronald Reagan; at the conclusion of the meal President Reagan offered him a position, starting his career as the White House Chef. Master Chef Seaton lives in New Orleans with his wife of 41 years. They have been blessed with eight children, seven boys and one girl.



Review copies are available upon request.

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