Once Wanted by Police, Author Ellis Lucas Discovered We Are All WANTED By God

Are you struggling with your faith, feeling lost, and unwanted? From Ellis Lucas, author of the highly acclaimed The Potter and the Clay, comes the new book, Wanted. We are all prone to pride and hard-heartedness and Wanted will teach you that nobody is without hope, whether though addiction, abuse, abandonment or disillusionment in life.  

In 1997, Lucas was wallowing in the ultimate depths of despair at the Clay County Missouri Jail after his temporary residence was raided by a SWAT team in connection with a massive ring of drug and paraphernalia manufacturing. He could never have imagined even the slightest sliver of the unbelievable life transformation about to occur. In addition to becoming a free man in a matter of months, his name would no longer be placed on a “most wanted” list of criminals, but as one of the most in-demand authors, speakers and ministers all throughout America. 

Alone and scared in his jail cell, Lucas couldn’t help but flashback to a tumultuous life that included everything from childhood abuse to years of depression, drug and alcohol addiction, the premature loss of his mother, hatred of his father over their turbulent relationship, a violent car wreck, a near-death experience in a house fire, debts beyond his means, a broken marriage and estrangement from his children. There in his cell, Lucas was reminded of the fervent Christian faith his mother clung ever so tightly too, right up until cancer robbed her of every last breath in her emaciated body.

“Over the years, the only thing that kept me from blowing my brains out wasn’t the fear of God, but the fear of hell for eternity that she indoctrinated into me,” says Lucas, who heard the voice of God right there in his cell. “Without me, your life is over, but I have a plan for your life if you trust me. I promise if you put your trust in me today, you won’t stay in prison.”

As Lucas chronicled extensively in his first book, The Potter And The Clay, before his case ever got to trial, he was given some startling and surely supernatural news. Besides the charges against him getting completely dropped, there wasn’t a single one of his fingerprints in any room or on any possession in that entire house, despite having stayed there, participated in the illegal operations and touched practically everything in the place!

“I almost vomited on the floor out of pure terror of God at that point,” he recollects. “For six months afterwards, I broke out in hives over the pure fear of what God was doing in my life. They dropped all the charges like I wasn’t ever there!”

It was definitely time for radical action, starting with seeking forgiveness of everyone he wronged and paying back the countless people he owed. And while becoming a renowned author was never even remotely part of the cards, Lucas couldn’t help but put his pen to the page, initially as simple letters to his children explaining that massive conversion and begging for a second chance, which inadvertently became this gripping narrative that isn’t just regularly stocked on the shelves at the very same Clay County Missouri Jail, but is also now distributed at countless correctional centers across the country.

Taking personal anecdotes, observations from others and applicable Biblical principles to tie it all together, Wanted is the latest chapter in this redemptive movement that can apply to virtually any situation. 

“The whole point with Wanted is that while the Bible says even your mother or your father might forsake you, He never will,” explains Lucas. “God had a plan for my life all along, and if he can love somebody like me and use my broken life, then you know that God loves you and you are wanted too.”


Born in Cameron, Missouri, Ellis Lucas lives in Pueblo, Colorado, with his adorable wife Peggi Sue, the real inspiration behind Lucas becoming an author and co-founder of His Heart United Network of Christian Ministries. For more information about Lucas, visit www.HisHeartUnited.org or www.ellislucas.com.

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