My Dude Coffee Invites Coffee Lovers to ‘Dude the Right Thing’

My Dude Coffee Offers Specialty Roasts and Lifestyle Merchandise for Dudes (and Ladies) Everywhere

ATLANTA, GA -- My Dude Coffee announced today the launch of their debut specialty roasts and lifestyle merchandise designed for true coffee fans everywhere. My Dude Coffee and Dude the Right Thing merchandise is now available at


Prior to the official product launch, My Dude Coffee ran a pilot program researching and perfecting the style and flavors for the brand. The end result is high-quality specialty roasts that are a one-of-a-kind unique blend, exclusively sourced in Costa Rica by skilled, dedicated farmers and roasted upon each order for maximum freshness.


My Dude Coffee offers dark roast, regular roast and decaffeinated. Made up of Arabica varietals from Cataui to Geisha, My Dude Coffee is nuanced and super clean in the cup.


  • Master Bean Caffeinated Blend - The dark roast is perfect for those that like a richer roast flavor or those that add things to their coffee and still want to taste that roasted flavor. The regular roast is perfect for every coffee drinker with a rich roast flavor that never runs bitter and never has a burnt taste.
  • Beardless Brew Decaffeinated Blend - The decaffeinated coffee, available in dark roast or regular, retains a rich roast flavor without the caffeine. Beardless Brew is naturally decaffeinated using a 100% chemical free Swiss Water process.


In addition to coffee, My Dude Coffee offers a variety of Dude the Right Thing lifestyle merchandise including American made T-shirts, beanies and slouch beanies, window decals and high-quality coffee mugs.


“My Dude is a vibe, a feeling, a culture,” says company founder Frank Bowen. “It represents a cool, hip lifestyle, and everyone can in some way relate to My Dude. We want My Dude to take you to a special place that you have experienced in your life, a feeling as in, ‘Yeah dude, I can relate to this guy.’ That’s what My Dude represents.”


Be good to yourself, be good to the earth and drink good coffee.


My Dude Coffee offers retail and bulk packaging, retail displays and more. For more information, visit


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