Congressional Candidate Omar Navarro Arrested Saturday, December 7th and Held in San Francisco Jail on $75,000 Bond for Sexual Extortion, Stalking, Violating Restraining Order, and Criminal Threats Against Republican Congressional Candidate DeAnna Lorraine

Congressional Candidate Omar Navarro is currently being held in the San Francisco Jail on a $75,000 dollar bond. He was arrested and booked on Sunday  morning for violating his court-ordered Restraining Order issued on August 1st in the Superior Court of California, Los Angeles in Torrance.

The victim, District 12 congressional candidate DeAnna Lorraine had previously filed an emergency Contempt of Court motion on November 13th after Navarro repeatedly violated a standing 5-year Restraining Order issued by the honorable judge Gia Bosely of Torrance District Court of Los Angeles. Mr. Navarro is currently being held on a $75,000 bond in the San Francisco County jail and is facing three separate felony counts and one misdemeanor: Sexual Extortion, Stalking, Criminal Threats, and violating a restraining order.

“While we understand this is far from over, we appreciate and want to thank all of the officers at the San Francisco police department for their quick work apprehending this dangerously unstable individual.” said Lorraine.

Lorraine's Campaign Manager said: “With such a long history of threats of violence and extortion against women; he has become quite the professional at sliding himself through the cracks to avoid prosecution and thankfully, the SFPD wasn’t going to let him get away this time.”

Navarro has established a pattern of abusive and unlawful behavior over the last year when it came to ex-girlfriend Lorraine. Later learning that he was also convicted in 2016 of stalking and illegally placing an electronic tracking device on his ex-wife’s vehicle and required to undergo anger management courses and jail time.

According to Lorraine: “We have actively pleaded with Mr. Navarro and tried everything to get him to stop the threats and harassment that my staff and I have had to endure for months. The terms dangerous and obsession have clearly been redefined for me but it has not distracted me from the mission at hand. We look forward to moving forward with our campaign and fighting for our country.”

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