CHRISTAFARI Launches Ascend Masterclasses, Offering 40 Free Classes to Equip the Next Generation of Musicianaries to Grow and Go

Chart-topping Reggae pioneers CHRISTAFARI have announced Ascend Masterclasses, equipping the next generation of musicianaries to grow and go! Taught online by CHRISTAFARI members, this four week, 40 class offering kicks off on Monday, June 1, and it is absolutely free. Sign up now at

"This is our boldest endeavor yet,” says CHRISTAFARI founder Mark Mohr. "So many other masterclasses and online tutorials and workshops and seminars and things like that are things where they give you just a little bit for free and then they want to charge you. Every one of our classes is free. You can go sign up for one, or you can sign up for all. You can sign up on the first day, or you can sign up on the last day. The only thing you have to have is Zoom, a device you can Zoom on, and an email address to sign up.”

The classes are taught from a biblical and evangelistic perspective. The first 45 minutes of each class is going to be a monologue, and the second 45 minutes is going to be a dialogue where the instructors answer questions.

"Our ultimate mission is to encourage others to equip others across all the nations to grow so they can ascend in their talents, their giftings, to go into all the world,” says Mohr.  

Register for free at   

Ascend Masterclasses Full Curriculum:
How To Do Reggae Worship - June 1 - 3 PM 
Sermon Translation - June 1 - 5 PM
Reggae Drums - June 2 - 3 PM
Reggae Keys - June 2 - 5 PM
Live Percussion - June 3 - 3 PM
Cinematography - June 3 - 5 PM
Afro-Fusion Dance - June 4 - 3 PM
Management - June 4 - 5 PM
Reggae Bass - June 5 - 3 PM
Band Leading - June 5 - 5 PM
Reggae Guitar - June 8 - 3 PM
Songwriting - June 8 - 5 PM
Lead Guitar - June 9 - 3 PM
Live Keys - June 9 - 5 PM
Sound Engineering Fundamentals - June 10 - 3 PM
No Budget Music Videos - June 10 - 5 PM
Social Media - June 11 - 3 PM
Vocal Basics Lead and Background - June 11 - 5 PM
Youth Ministry and Teaching - June 12 - 3 PM
Teaching Experientially - June 12 - 5 PM
Tour Management - June 15 - 3 PM
Song Mixing - June 15 - 5 PM
The Power Of A Chord Progression - June 16 - 3 PM
Live Sound - June 16 - 5 PM
Worship Keys - June 17 - 3 PM
iPhone Filmmaking - June 17 - 5 PM
Building Beats/Programming A Song - June 18 - 3 PM
Promoting An Album/Concert - June 18 - 5 PM
Brass and Woodwinds - June 19 - 3 PM
Sermon Writing - June 19 - 5 PM
Building A Song From Scratch - June 22 - 3 PM
Personal Evangelism - June 22 - 5 PM
Rocksteady/Ska Drums - June 23 - 3 PM
Vocal Recording - June 23 - 5 PM
Ministering to Mormons - June 24 - 3 PM
Album Production - June 24 - 5 PM
Reggae Ukulele - June 25 - 3 PM
Concert Booking - June 25 - 5 PM
Becoming a Full-Time Missionary - June 26 - 3 PM
Fundraising 101 - June 26 - 5 PM

**All times listed are Pacific Standard Time (PST)**

ABOUT CHRISTAFARI: The band was founded in Los Angeles, CA by Mark Mohr in 1989. Avion Blackman joined as vocalist and bassist in 2003 shortly after she met Mohr in her home country of Trinidad and Tobago. CHRISTAFARI continues to be a dominating force in world music, with six albums debuting at #1 on the Billboard Reggae Albums Chart since 2012. After three decades, the Reggae pioneers are the all-time top-selling Gospel Reggae act worldwide. The legendary group has performed in 46 states, over 85 nations, at two Olympic Games, and at a Presidential Inauguration in Washington, D.C. The band has performed at most major Reggae and Gospel/CCM festivals with the top artists in the genres, and they’ve had the privilege of performing at many of the country’s most prestigious venues such as L.A.’s Greek Theater, Dodger Stadium, and the steps of the United States Capitol before a crowd of 500,000. The band has been featured on The 700 Club, CNN, MTV, MTV Brazil, ABC, TBN, JUCE TV, BET, TBS, and many more. Their music is even featured in the current curriculum taught at Carnegie Hall. The band's popular YouTube channel receives millions of views monthly, and continues to grow. For more information, visit

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