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Author Teresa Shields Parker Reveals How Breaking Strongholds Led to 250 Pound Weight Loss

In the new book, Sweet Surrender: Breaking Strongholds, author Teresa Shields Parker pulls back the curtain on some of the reasons we run to food and other addictions first instead of God. The six-time author, who has lost 250 pounds and kept it off since 2013, says the simple answer is that we have strongholds that are directing our lives.

“We cannot break strongholds on our own,” says Parker. “We must surrender our addictions to God and allow Him to show us how to break those stubborn mindsets which we have allowed to govern everything we do.”

Parker’s study revealed the reasons that cause us to use certain things like sugar-laden foods to manage our emotions are really mindsets, which become strongholds and then lead us to become entangled in various addictions. The addictions aren’t the strongholds; though. It’s the lies we believe.

“When we start to believe half-truths, they grow into lies and eventually morph into strongholds that keep us from the destiny God has for us,” says Parker. “We all have times when we believe things like I don't matter, I'm not valued, I can't go on, I am a failure, God can't use me and so much more. These are strongholds that God wants to eradicate.”

In her new book, each of the 14 chapters examines a different stronghold she encountered on her journey. “These are the culprits that helped me gain up to 430 pounds and kept me there for many years,” says Parker. “Embracing what seemed like God’s mysterious, and sometimes hidden truths, helped set me free to follow Him completely.”

This issue-focused memoir is relevant to any life-controlling issue we have including difficulties with relationships, careers, shame, anger, food, money, alcohol, drugs, pornography, overspending and so much more. 

Included in the book are action steps and questions to help readers learn the source of their strongholds and how to work with God to break them. 

Sweet Surrender: Breaking Strongholds is published by Write the Vision, and is available now at Amazon in print, kindle and audible editions.

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About the Author: Teresa Shields Parker, author, coach and podcaster, lives in Columbia, MO, with her husband. They have two grown children and have been foster parents to 10 behaviorally challenged teens and young adults. She has written six books and two study guides. To schedule Parker for your podcast, zoom or in-person interview, contact her at

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