Alveda King Announces the Launch of New Pro-Life Organization, Speak for Life

Evangelist Alveda King is pleased to announce the launch of her pro-life organization, Speak for Life. As one of our nation’s leading pro-life voices, King will lead the organization with a focus on mobilizing generations of Pro-Life advocates to boldly speak for life and the dignity of all people.

“For over half of my life, I’ve been speaking on behalf of unborn babies,” says King. "As I celebrated my 70th birthday this year, I renewed my commitment to God to spend the rest of my life speaking for life, from the womb to the tomb... I will commit the remainder of my life to building this organization whose vision is to mobilize generations of pro-life advocates that will boldly speak for life."

For decades, legalized abortion has been claiming the lives of tens of millions of babies here in the United States and around the globe. From the foundation of Acts 17:26, Speak for Life will specifically work with elementary, middle school, high school and college students to build a foundational worldview of the sanctity of life and human dignity. Their team is working right now on small group curriculum that will be used by churches and schools around our nation to help students understand what it means to be made in the image of God, and understand how important it is to speak for life. 

King will be traveling around the nation, speaking on college campuses and training up generations of pro-life leaders that will boldly fight for life. 

"In order to finally see the atrocity of abortion ended, we must all come together,” says King. "This simply can not be my fight, it must be a concerted effort of all who value life. From the womb to the tomb."

"Dr. Alveda King is the epitome of compassion, thoughtfulness, integrity and grit,” says Dr. Ben Carson, 17th Secretary of HUD and Chairman & Founder of the American Cornerstone Institute. "These leadership qualities are what is needed in a time such as this when so many precious souls parish due to abortion. I can think of nobody better to help combat this genocide than Alveda. She doesn't promote life just before birth, but afterwards as well - which is something we should all take note of in America."

King recently retired from Priests for Life to pursue her own personal ministry goals. During her tenure, she helped launch the ministry, Civil Rights for the Unborn.  

"I am overwhelmingly grateful for the tireless work that Alveda King has done over the past 16 years on behalf of the unborn while serving on the full time staff of Priests for Life," said PFL National Director Father Frank Pavone. I know that her best days of ministry lie ahead and am honored that she will continue to serve as a Pastoral Advisor and Board Member at Priests for Life as she continues speaking for life!”  

For more information about Speak for Life, visit

About Alveda King: Dr. Alveda C. King is the daughter of the late slain civil rights activist Rev. A. D. King and the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. She currently serves as a Fox News Channel contributor and the host of "Alveda King’s House" on Fox Nation, and she's the 2021 recipient of the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award.

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