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AFPI Announces Alveda King as Chairman of the Center for the American Dream

(WASHINGTON, DC) – The America First Policy Institute (AFPI) has announced the addition of Dr. Alveda King as the Chairman of the Center for the American Dream.  This announcement was first unveiled at the America First Gala, which occurred at Mar-a-Lago on the evening of November 4.  The Center for the American Dream is the 22nd center within AFPI. 

AFPI’s Center for the American Dream will advance policies that enhance civil rights, human dignity, and the sanctity of life in order to ensure that all Americans have equal access and opportunity to achieve the American dream – from the womb to the tomb!

Shortly after this announcement, Brooke L. Rollins, AFPI’s President and CEO, remarked, “There is no person better suited to lead AFPI’s Center for the American Dream than Dr. King, and we are absolutely honored and humbled to have her join our team.”  Rollins continued to note that, “Not only does Dr. King’s own experience embody the American dream, she has dedicated her life to ensure that all Americans have the opportunity and access to achieve the American dream.”

Upon being named the Chairman of the Center for the American Dream, Dr. Alveda King stated, “It’s a tremendous honor to join the AFPI team as we work together to restore hope in the American dream.  The dream is alive in the hearts and minds of Americans, and the dream must continue to be advanced. I believe America’s best days lie ahead, and I’m eager to work alongside the incredible patriots at AFPI to ensure exactly that.”

As Dr. King continues the work of the King Family Legacy including that of her uncle, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., she is devoted to ensuring that the promise of the American Dream is attainable for every boy and girl, every man and woman, for every generation to come.

To watch the video unveiling AFPI’s Center for the American Dream, click here

About Alveda King: Dr. Alveda C. King is from Atlanta, Georgia, and serves as the Chair of the Center for the American Dream at AFPI. She is the daughter of the late slain civil rights activist Rev. A.D. King and the niece of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr. King is the founder of Speak for Life, fighting for the sanctity and dignity of all life – from the womb to the tomb. She currently serves as a FoxNews contributor and host of the FoxNation show “Alveda King’s House.” Dr. King is a former college professor, served in the Georgia State House of Representatives, is a former presidential appointee, and 2021 recipient of the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award. 

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